So what goes through a dog’s brain? “…I like balls, balls and babies, babies are like puppies, babies smell funny, babies smell like milk and poop, I like poop, I like to eat poop, where is some poop, I want to find some poop, I want go for a walk, I like walks, I want

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Bronze Basket 3: Walnut Brown

This is the third basket I sculpted. I started with hot, molten wax, hand-poured onto a sheet of wet canvas. Once cooled and solid, I peeled it off, tore it into strips and assembled it-free-hand over a bowl form, weaving it gently together, playing with the edges and texture as I went. And then a

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One of my first Square Menagerie animals and one of the few not perched on very tall legs. Approx. 7″ W x 6″ H x 5″ W

BE STILL (relief)

My mother was a woman of a great and simple faith. This Bible verse, Psalm 46:10, was one of her favorites: “Be still and know that I am God.” Throughout her life, and the many storms that roiled the seas in it, she kept her heart centered on God, trusting Him, knowing that His love

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We struggle,we seek,we pursue; the journey is long, the process, often arduous.The challenges we face in this life are sometimes daunting and the need to persevere sometimes feels like more than we can bear. Yet we know that we must continue; giving in or giving up is not an option which we want to contemplate.More

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One of my Square Menagerie creations     Bronze, Approx. 9’H 4″ W x 3″ W

Los Conejos

More story to come, but for now, these are larger versions in bronze of Los Conejitos, the tiny pewter rabbits that I made for my wife as a Christmas present and gave to her in Beijing in 2014 under the watchful gaze of our voluptuous, scantinly-clad black female chocolate Santa. Honest. Bronze, approx 7″ W

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Los Conejitos

  More story to come: for now, these tiny rabbits were made for my wife and given to her for Christmas on Christmas morning in Beijing in 2014. They are less than 2″ high and hand-cast in pewter. I have since made a mold and make them in an open edition in Bronze. They are

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Three woodland fairies, the Wood Roses, scamper across a piece of tree bark in the forest. Each one is a fairy blossom, each one a beautiful rose. Look how much joy they scatter as they frolic! Bronze, 9″ H x 14″ W x 5″ D

Swirling Tresses

More story to come, but for now: My first public installation. Swirling Tresses is 36′ W x 5′-1′ H & D, made from strips of aluminum with copper tubing. It was built in three sections and connected during installation and hangs over the REALLY NICE Kut ‘n Kurl section of this gorgeous salon. It hangs

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