Au-dessu de Valence, au Soleil

Oil on linen panel     9″ x 12″

Through the Woods and Shadows

I have painted in this spot twice and each day was markedly different than the other. This afternoon was hot and the light, fairly flat; the mountain slope beyond has almost no shape. Even the values of the trees at center are not too dissimilar. What stopped me this day was the strength and pride

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(new path––untitled)

My mentor, Reid Galey, died suddenly in 2010. I learned to paint plein aire at his side–and occasionally, behind him, throwing things such as cow pies at him in the midst of his demos. This painting was born on my first trip after his death to often-trod painting grounds outside of Cody, WY. A favorite

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Fairy Tale Sunlight

I am fascinated by the way sunlight teases and plays with us. I was standing in a small park in the foothills of the Rockies when I saw this small gravel road winding through it.  As I stood there, I noticed that the flat afternoon light had changed and that just around the bend and just

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On the Pathway, Lake Harriet

My wife and I live near a large city lake in Minneapolis that is surrounded by bike and walking paths filled with people whenever the winter snows are gone. In the spring and summer, when the trees are full to bursting and the lakeside canopy is lush and green, the paths often are overlaid with

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From the Thicket, Homeward

Sometimes when I paint, I see something that intrigues me and I move directly to do my best to capture it. This time, the subject that I had stopped to paint felt limp and lifeless once my easel was up and my palette was ready. Disappointed, I debated whether or not to proceed when I turned

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The Path Ahead, the Storm Behind

This painting captures a very special moment for me. I was outside of Cody, Wyoming, painting with my friend, Reid Galey, taking a week’s time-out from a difficult period in my life to let my mind rest and to concentrate on painting. Nonetheless, my mind was as cloudy as the skies that day and the

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