We struggle,we seek,we pursue; the journey is long, the process, often
arduous.The challenges we face in this life are sometimes daunting and
the need to persevere sometimes feels like more than we can bear. Yet
we know that we must continue; giving in or giving up is not an option
which we want to contemplate.More than that,we want to be faithful,
trusting that God has a way. In that spirit of assurance,we will come past
the valleys,we will by His grace overcome the deep chasms and the
jagged crags and emerge stronger, better, triumphant.

I’ve made Triumphant with three different patinas. The featured image shows her in silver on light ferric brown; the second is in ferric brown; a third exists (where IS that photo?) with her skirt in a shiny mélange of faux gold, copper and silver leaf, plus light ferric brown skin tones. These two views also show her from both sides, in close-up and in her vital totality.




580p-Triumphant_ferric brown