Bronze Basket 3: Walnut Brown

This is the third basket I sculpted. I started with hot, molten wax, hand-poured onto a sheet of wet canvas. Once cooled and solid, I peeled it off, tore it into strips and assembled it-free-hand over a bowl form, weaving it gently together, playing with the edges and texture as I went. And then a made a small spiral our of the same wax and pressed it into the bottom.

Once complete, the wax basket went through the lost wax process, making an investment, and hand-casting it in molten bronze. THEN I spent the prime of my life in the grinding room, cleaning up the raw casting, shaping and sanding and polishing it until the form was right. I used a liver of sulfur patina, followed by a hot wax––not a Brazilian hot wax––and a nap.

580p-Bronze Basket-Walnut Brown