Sur la Plage

What better way to capture the beauty of bronzed, tanned skin than in bronze? This piece captures the free and easy spirit of a woman relaxing on a day at the beach, wrapped up in the pleasure of the moment and totally oblivious of the world around her. Stretched out with a good book, soaking

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Many artists are drawn to the quiet, private act of bathing. It is such a simple and intimate moment, so unselfconscious and unreserved. For my wife, it is a refuge, a reprieve from the burdens of the day, a chance to shake off the dust of life and re-anoint herself with the confidence, grace and patience with

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It’s a different world now. We talk about paradigm shifts and economic downturns, about a collapse in trust and the shattering of dreams. If we can have faith in the face of these crisis, keeping our eyes beyond the immediate difficulties and believe in the graciousness of God and the strength of His promises, we can

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Rosa Verde

Bronze     8-1/2” x 6-1/2” x  5”


This is what most of us seem to want and seek, no matter how elusive. So much calls out for our attention, so much challenges us in every moment of every day. This figure, poised and beautiful, does not stand in the shadow of challenge but stands astride it all, calmly, patiently. She defies convention, from her

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