The Path Ahead, the Storm Behind

This painting captures a very special moment for me. I was outside of Cody, Wyoming, painting with my friend, Reid Galey, taking a week’s time-out from a difficult period in my life to let my mind rest and to concentrate on painting. Nonetheless, my mind was as cloudy as the skies that day and the storm that swept through Sunrise Basin seemed to mirror my less-than-sunny mood. As I trekked down this forestry road, searching for a subject to paint, the rain turned to drizzle and soon stopped.  And then, as I stood there, damp and slightly discouraged, some of the clouds parted and sunlight washed across the curve at the end in the road and trickled down the next leg as it disappeared behind the trees. I knew then that my storm, too, would pass.
Oil on panel     10″ x 6″