Under Grey Skies, the Stream Meanders

Usually, grey skies equal lifeless paintings. WIthout the directional light from the sun, there are no strong shadows, little definition and little depth. This afternoon, however, I loved discovering all of the gentle nuances carried in the layers of greens. from the edge of the stream to the forested mountains beyond. This time, the lack of definition was the surprise in the Cracker Jack™ box.

Oil on linen panel     8″ x 10″

Cracker Jack is a registered trademark of the Frito Lay company. Its inclusion here does not imply their endorsement of this painting nor of the artist, but the aforementioned artist will always have fond memories of Sailor Jack and Bingo™.

Sailor Jack and Bingo ™ are registered trademarks of Cracker Jack and the Frito Lay company. Neither one of them was harmed in the making of this painting.