Airedale/Welsh Terrier: a Cast Wax Sketch

Another of my loose Cast Wax Sketches, albeit a bit more detailed than the rest.

I have loved the look of these breeds ever since watching William Powell and Myrna Loy in the “Thin Man” movies from the 30’s. They had a great, spirited dog named Asta, a Welsh Terrier, that darted in and out of the series while the stars were besotted with gin and danger. It’s just one of the coolest looking dogs, and those were just some of the coolest movies ever.

This also is a little pocket sculpture, standing 5″ H on its 6″ x 4″ marble base.

And if my friend, Bob, ever reads this page, I’ll give him one as a gift. He has a great Airedale named George with whom HE is totally besotted. Well, with both George and Vasyl, anyway.

780p-CROPPED-Airedale-Welsh 52-P1050211