Be Still (Lantern)

My mother was a woman of a great and simple faith. This Bible verse, Psalm 46:10, was one of her favorites: “Be still and know that I am God.” Throughout her life, and the many storms that roiled the seas in it, she kept her heart centered on God, trusting Him, knowing that His love was steadfast and constant, that His presence was unwavering.

When I was in high school, for a calligraphy project in art class, I painted it on a small piece of slate for my mother. It sat on her kitchen window ledge for years, accompanying her through many moves and resting on nearly a dozen different window ledges, quietly reminding her of God’s faithfulness and gently calling her to hers. When she died, I was given it back; now it sits in my kitchen where I can see it every day.

I created this piece in memory of her. It is a lantern/candleholder/lamp; the inside is backed in amber mica so that it glows beautifully when lit. It is available as is, or with a square marble tabletop turntable, or with a custom wood or stone pedestal for indoor or outdoor use. It was built, one side at a time, from three thick layers of wax sheet, laid one upon the other, with the negative spaces then carved out and peeled away. The lettering was created the same way. The four sides were then welded together in the wax, hand-cast as one piece in bronze, and then a hand-cut sheet of amber mica was affixed to the back of each side. The top also was built from two very thick pieces of wax and cast separately. The patina is built up in many layers, sealed with special lacquer, and then hand waxed and buffed.

The original stands on a mahogany pedestal in our home, illuminated day and night. Every day, I am reminded of the need to be quiet, to reflect and trust in God’s presence. I have kept that painted piece of slate to remind me, too; this is for you. It also is beautifully suited to be used as a memorial, dedicated to someone special.

This same design has been created as a wide, single-panel relief, also viewable on this site.

12″ H x 9.5″ W x 9.5″ D; approx. 35 lbs

780p x 200-CROPPED-2014_B_Still_Lantern_B_Currie_016