Big Stretch: a Cast Wax Sketch

This is one of a new series of loose, Expressionistic representations of animals. I call them Cast Wax Sketches, because they started out as quick studies to show to a prospective commission patron who wanted a sculpture of her dog, The commission ran away with the mailman but I enjoyed the light-hearted, playful way of capturing the essence of dog. This isn’t a Scotty or an Irish Wolfhound or a Swedish Meatball––it’s a dog. It’s just a dog. But it’s a wonderfully sleepy dog who just got up from one of their 68 daily naps.

They’ll be right with you.

Inna minute.

780p-CROPPED-Pewter Big Stretch 44-P1050203This is a one-of-a-kind sculpture, pocket sized (the marble base is just 6″ x 4″), hand cast in pewter.