Let’s Play (or: Child’s Pose): a Cast Wax Sketch

This is one of a new series of loose, Expressionistic representations of animals. I call them Cast Wax Sketches, because they started out as quick studies to show to a prospective commission patron who wanted a sculpture of her dog, The commission was stolen by space aliens but I remained committed to this light-hearted, playful way of capturing the essence of dog.

This isn’t a Papillon or Bichon Frisé or a Crème Brulée––it’s a dog. It’s just a dog. but it’s somehow a bit more elegant than my other wax sketch dogs. So I decided that this dog doesn’t merely stretch. It does yoga stretch, the child’s pose, so it’s a do acting like a kid–you know, like they do a lot. I have been told that this is a dog doing the Child’s Pose, ergo its alternate name.



OK, enough of that; let’s go play.

780p-CROPPED-Yoga Stretch-bronze-20-P1050172

This is a one-of-a-kind sculpture, pocket sized (the marble base is just 6″ x 4″),  hand cast in bronze.

Last I looked, it was looking for a home. A nice one, with a view of the garden, and Thai silk curtains rustling in the early morning breeze.